Building Management System Operator


Building Management System Operator

Monitor all Critical Equipment thru the Central BMS Maintain temperature and humidity standard in all critical rooms Maintain standard temperature in all non-critical areas Gather data, consolidate and send to all concern -  example fuel level, food, transportation . Monitor and provide update whenever there is critical facility activity like intrusive PM, Electrical system PM , Corrective Maintenance like Capacitor replacement and others. Gather and Consolidate incident report related to admin and facilities. Gather data and consolidate and provide other incident reporting updates - Earthquake, Flooding, Typhoon, Terrorist Attack, Bomb scare – same template will be use Monitoring 52 week PM and CM schedule - inform/follow up Facilities lead. Monitor UPS status and parameters e.g. voltage, I/O, %load – solar winds Remind Facilities Engineers on weekly basis and gather update/data Follow up and remind Facilities Engineers on weekly deliverables Monitor all monthly utilities and other critical payables

  • Operates and maintains Building Management System (BMS) for proper function and monitors against approved benchmarks to include; Temperature and Humidity, PACU, UPS.
  • Carry out routine checks for correct operation of all control equipment as directed by Maintenance Supervisor
  • Performs routine checks and upgrades software as provided by the Manufacturer to ensure optimal functioning of the BMS system.
  • Checks routinely for correct operation of all equipment in locations that include BMS control of systems.
  • Adjust variables and provide adjustment as required to ensure systems are operating correctly within parameters
  • Promptly report all accidents, injuries and unsafe working conditions or practices.
  • Communicate all maintenance and repair actions in writing for information to management as required.
  • Resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise at any time.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of materials and to advise on technology and modifications required to improve efficiency and cost savings
  • Monitors and verifies operation of all BMS field devices.
  • Troubleshoots BMS system faults and develops repair solutions.
  • Adjusts BMS settings and parameters to meet changing conditions, i.e., Load, Environmental, Customer needs, etc.
  • - Inspects UPS, PACU and Temperature and Humidity Sensor if accurate.
  • Records maintenance data and generates reports as needed.

Maintains documentation for all malfunctions, repairs, maintenance, or changes to systems and/or equipment.

  • Monitors BMS for changes outside of normal operating parameters and reports these to the Maintenance Supervisor.