Senior Software Test Engineer


Senior Software Test Engineer

Software Testing

1. Performs regular assessment of software quality through manual and automated testing to check functionality against client specifications and requirements.
2. Develops testing protocols for various aspects, such as functionality, usability, defect or bug finding, regression testing, and implementation scenarios.
3. Determines the priority for test scenarios and create execution plans to implement these scenarios.
4. Collaborates with the Implementation Consultants and Product Owners in designing and preparation of test plans, procedures, scenarios and scripts to check if the tool is working as expected before performing functional testing.
5. Determine the priority for test scenarios and create execution plans to implement these scenarios;
6. Identify, analyze (thru validation & verification) and create detailed records (tickets) of problems that appear during testing, such as software defects, bugs, glitches, functionality issues, and output errors, and works closely with Configuration and Development Teams to ensure timely resolution and development of retesting procedure.
7. Develops and executes automated testing to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing process. Maximizes test coverage for the most critical features of the application.
8. Conducts Exploratory Testing
9. Understanding of Mobile Testing
10. Conducts post-release / post-implementation testing to ensure the platform or application is working as expected.
11. Conducts assessment of the application to provide feedback to developers, including recommendations/suggestions for improvements, evaluation of problems, potential solutions, and discussions of further test requirements.
12. Works with various cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

Research & Development

1. Conducts research and performs assessment of current software testing processes (manual and automated) to identify opportunities to improve current practices.
2. Documents and updates software testing approaches and other methodologies for purposes of standardization of processes.
3. Creates detailed, step-by-step documentation of test procedures for each phase or project as needed to ensure replicability, compliance with standards, and growth of company knowledge base.
4. Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.