Senior Quality Evaluator


Senior Quality Evaluator

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Regularly audit the calls and messaging conversations of the Tier 1 Agents.
  • Perform two (2) quality audits per Agent per week .
  • Analyze and report on any fluctuations / changes in how processes are followed or in Key or Critical Service Levels attainment.
  • Provide key insights to Team Leader based on quality evaluations.
  • Share quality audit report with Service Provider’s training department.
  • Upon the Parties’ mutual agreement in writing, perform other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate.
  • Conduct internal call\messaging calibration with quality, operations, Senior Agents, and Trainers.
  • Participate in all Customer interaction calibration with client.
  • Coach the Agents 1-1 on the quality audit performed and the observations.

Language Skills

  • French at C1 level
  • English at B2 level