Test Drivers and Inspectors - Fountain Valley, CA


Test Drivers and Inspectors - Fountain Valley, CA

  • Individuals hired to the Project shall be required to learn all Port Quality Audit Applications and tools to perform their daily tasks and responsibilities, including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Utilizing Port Audit Website 

  • Port Audit Data Collection Tool 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to report audit findings 

  • Vehicle Tester 

  • Tire pressure, gap and flushness gages 

  • Ability to use an automotive lift to allow for vehicle underbody inspections. 

  • Update Tools as needed 

  • Review Repair Lot Daily 

  • Complete layer audits of inspection process 

  • Layered audits  

  • Special audit of Load Line Vehicles going to high warranty 

  • Rail Audits 

  • Project personnel shall be required to perform quality audits on vehicles 

  • Complete 10 audits a day for various areas 

  • Individuals hired to the Project shall be required to submit all the audit results obtained during the work day before leaving for the day. 


  • Report out weekly finding on all daily audits at the end of each week and month. 

  • Keep trend charts on their assigned model. 

  • Other various reports as needed 

Consultant shall: 

  • Provide all required reports in electronic format using specified layouts and software in accordance with defined report schedule;  

  • Provide daily audit results collected by Project personnel  

  • Provide accurate information reports generated by Project personnel when requested  

Candidate Profile:


~ Must be a high school graduate 

~ Bachelor’s degree preferred 

Related Experience:

~ Experience in Automotive Quality Control / Quality Assurance preferred 

  • Ability to work outside in all-weather conditions 

  • Ability to travel as needed. 

  • Work well with others and independently.